what is the difference between php 8 and 8.1 ?


PHP 8.1 is a newer version of PHP than PHP 8.0. Here are some of the main differences between PHP 8.0 and PHP 8.1:

  • Performance improvements: PHP 8.1 includes several performance improvements, such as faster array unpacking and faster string-to-number conversions.
  • New features: PHP 8.1 includes several new features, including the ability to use a trailing comma in parameter lists, the ability to declare enums, and the ability to declare mixed return types.
  • Deprecations and Removals: PHP 8.1 deprecates several features, such as the $php_errormsg variable and the strip_tags() function's ability to allow certain tags. It also removes several features, such as the legacy realpath cache and the magic __autoload() function.
  • Improved error handling: PHP 8.1 includes improvements to error handling, such as better error messages and the ability to throw exceptions from within error and exception handlers.
  • Other changes: PHP 8.1 includes many other changes, such as improvements to the type system, new functions, and changes to existing functions.

Overall, PHP 8.1 builds on the foundation laid by PHP 8.0, with a focus on improving performance, adding new features, and removing deprecated features.